Ireland Donation Immigration愛爾蘭捐款移民

Ireland Donation Immigration愛爾蘭捐款移民

Dublin is Ireland capital, Ireland is a lovely country in European Union, and main currency is EUR. It is English speaking country connecting the border with UK North Ireland.

Ireland welcome foreign investment and business, they have well established education system and legal system. Healthcare and medical also excellent there. People are friendly, nice and sincere. Traditional Irish houses are colourful and lovely. They have good live music and pub culture, a wide range of ciders are originated in Ireland.

Economy is growing with UK exit Europe. While EU and UK still undergoing the border entry negotiation for their people, Ireland has special relationship with UK that has the possibility the border agreement will be different from other EU countries.

Ireland immigration is straight forward. Simply donation to the government for EUR 400k can get the residency and enjoy the education and fringe benefit of society, and most important Ireland is European Union country and have the EU passport to live and work in any countries in Europe.

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