Cultural city Taipei, spirit of Chinese traditional, with most of the population Chinese. This country attracts tourists from Hong Kong and all over the world for its beauty. The healthcare and medical system is one of the best worldwide and the national insurance cover even Chinese medicine and treatments.

Taiwan is amazing island converges the tidiness and politeness of Japanese and the wealth of culture of Chinese.

Immigrate to Taiwan from Hong Kong is always easy since Taiwan treat Hong Kong and Macau as one of their sister cities, however current sensitive situation policy is changing and application of immigration is withholding.

Eyes are watching to see what the change will be and we will keep you updated. The latest requirement was HKD 1.5 million equivalent investment in business and hire some few employees for 1 year (precisely is only 11 months) to get not only the PR but the passport directly.

Taiwan passport can go to US easier as the countries have closed relationship. Education system is also connected, so studying in Taiwan schools or university has chances to proceed in US.

Living costs compare to Hong Kong is lower, and affordable, but be aware the income in general is lower than Hong Kong for about 50% as well. It may be good news for business owner on the other side.

Property market of Taiwan is not very active as Chinese people love to buy own homes, property market is not low with rental yield of 2% in average. However the lump sum is much smaller than Hong Kong and easier to achieve.

Elderly home are better in Taiwan compare with crowd and over priced one in Hong Kong. With the healthcare and medical system, Taiwan is in general better place for people to retire.

Of course, for young people Taiwan is growing countries with very solid established education system, opportunity and potential is still huge there.


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