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Park River view extraordinary 3 bedroom 2 bathroom unit exclusive sale at GBP 630,000 onward only available in limited time. These are the last few units. 581 square。feet gigantic balcony! 1055 square feet actual usable size!




UK waive stamp duty until 31 March 2020


British Sterling GBP is experiencing historical low recently because BREXIT. It is a very good timing now to invest in UK properties, benefit from currency exchange rate being so low. BNO passport and current political crisis in Hong Kong triggers demand, more Hong Kong people consider moving to UK or invest there. UK have very well establish regime. The residential rental yield is around 5% in Manchester City centre and (London is about 3%), can apply mortgage with income in Hong Kong, after leveraged, the return per annum over 20% p.a. It is an excellent long term investment for stable capital growth and income.

UK government has announced to reduce stamp duty for first home buyer up to first GBP 500,000 which definitely will help London property market. The policy will only run for a few months to boost turnover. It is great news for people who intend to invest now especially for those with BNO or UK passport.

全港有3百萬人有BNO英國國民海外護照。英國政府因應香港政治狀況容許BNO護照持有港人在英國工作及讀書,必定會再次掀起一次移民英國的熱潮。加上英國脫歐令英磅低企,對港元低位在9.5左右,令英國樓更加抵買,租金回報平均5%(倫敦3%)可以做按揭, 投資回報高達20%一年,實在是非常難得的機會。


Australia Immigration Options


Australia cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth have always been elected as the best living cities, while the people in this country are almost the happiest in the world. With wealth of natural resources, Australia is one of the rare country that can survive themselves in extreme circumstances.

Australia government has announced to ease the immigration for Hong Kong applicants in various ways, GTI Gobal Talent Independent visa is the fastest path approve PR permanent residency within 12 months, with very low English language requirement and no age limit.  However the applicant need to work in particular industries including Data Science, Fintech, Mining, and some others.

Furthermore, we have various kind of business visa for immigration allow applicant to continue working in Hong Kong, with minimum residency requirement of only 1 year, which can be fulfilled by spouse in some cases, depends on which visa is applying. To get the PR, the children can enjoy free high quality education from elementary to high school, and in  Australian universities study with local tuition fee which is only about one third of international students.


澳大利亞政府宣布以各種方式簡化香港申請人的移民手續.GTI 全球人才獨立簽證是12個月內批准全家人PR永久居留權的最快途徑,英語要求非常低且沒有年齡限制。但是,申請人需要在特定行業工作,包括數據科學,金融科技,採礦和其他一些行業。



Canada Calgary investment property or Residence


Nowadays immigrate to Canada is easy, from setup a business, to study and work, to do a startup or invest in government authorised startup company. We provide free consultancy services to customers who buy property from us and arrange lawyer to arrange the visas.

Calgary is beautiful place for ski and holiday, it is also the 4th largest city in Canada rich with natural resources, oil, natural gas and other mining industry provide lot of job opportunities. Taxes in Calgary is lower than popular cities like Toronto and Vancouver, the property price is nearly a half of those 2 cities. We foresee Calgary property is picking up and will back to booming future very quickly.  Return of first 2 years have 20% which is attractive. Please contact us to know more.