Immigration 移民

Immigration is a big decision in life for you and your family, decide the right place to settle, find a right professional to help you is very important to save your time and money.

Accuracy is vital to success. Immigration handled by professionals can enhance your application chance of success and save you time and money.

We have various destinations to choose from:

To immigrate, you must have an attitude to be flexible and cope with local culture. Some people enjoy their immigration life very much, while some cannot get into local culture and feel home missing.

How to make yourself become one of the new nation?

Language: Equip yourself and your family with better language skill can definitely help a lot. Make more local friends to understand their behaviour and thoughts behind can help you to overcome cultural shocks. There are some slangs and nice to know, and do not feel embarrass when you say something wrong or been laughed, practice make perfect. Remember when you were young learning Cantonese, no one ever can say it is easy.

Activities: Find some local activities to join and enjoy, European have a lot of festivals and carnivals, join them to experience the loveliness of their local people and culture, which you cannot find in Hong Kong. Do not always say what Hong Kong have cannot find in other countries, say what other countries cannot find in Hong Kong. You can find you actually explore a lot more in your lives. Culture not necessary be traditional or historical, it can be pop culture. Find out and goto the trendy modern activities local people joining.

Values: Explore local people common values, for example their religion, their value on things may different from Hong Kong. You may find they protect the poor people better, they value democracy and liberty higher, that may pay extra cost for it. Perhaps while you paying more you appreciate the value behind then understand where the cost for better. Eg. Election is huge expenses, that involving gigantic advertising cost and campaign fee that can build an estate, what is that for? Understand the value behind give you more insight, the cost spend build better medical and healthcare system, social welfare system, a fairer business environment, that is why you want to move there.

Immigration is not only a passport but part of your life story.