US: All States 美國

US: All States 美國

The taxes and law in US is more complicated than other countries. That is one of the reason why people prepare to buy from reputable large developers than from secondary market in which the titles can have issues.

How complicate can it be buying properties in US? Different states have different taxes and laws, so buy where you are more familiar with is often preferable.

California, Washington, Texas, Florida, these few states are more popular for investors to invest since job and population growth, even in the bad time, these states are in higher demand than the others.

California has the most Chinese living there, and has a promising potential of property market and values. However the entry price is also higher than the others. The property tax in California is comparative lower than other states, while the law favours the tenants more than landlords.

Floor plan of a two storeys house in US price from USD 280k onward as below. Mortgage is available. Typical site plan include trails, swimming pool, clubhouse amenities. We handle the letting for our clients too.