UK Properties: London, Manchester, Birmingham

UK Properties: London, Manchester, Birmingham

British Sterling is historical low now around 9.5 compare with long term average of 12 in 10 years. UK has 60 million population and in cities, the property market is always in high demand.

Occupancy rate in these 3 cities are over 95%, it is very attractive to landlord. London price has been soften since Brexit. Manchester price in these 2 years however slightly increasing with large scale development projects going on and lot of job opportunities created for company move in city from London or elsewhere.

英國貨幣英鎊兌換港幣價格目前約為9.5是歷史低位,近十年中的長期平均保持水位為12。 英國有六千萬人口,而房地產市場更是長期處於極高供求需要。
這三座城市的入住率均超過95%,對房東來說非常有吸引力。 自英國退歐以來,倫敦價格一直走軟。 但是,隨著大型開發項目的進行以及公司從倫敦或其他地方遷入城市創造的大量就業機會,這兩年的曼徹斯特的房屋價格略有上漲。

Northern Powerhouse concept, HS2 is a huge infrastructure project that benefit Mid England cities include Manchester, Liverpool and Leeds. In which Manchester as the centre of these other cities benefits the most.

北方經濟引擎概念,HS2是一個宏觀遠大的基礎設施項目,受益於曼徹斯特,利物浦和利茲等英格蘭中部城市。 在這些城市中,曼徹斯特作為中心受益最大。

London is always the most international city and choice for the people who loves to live in a busy environment. Rental yield is only about 2-3% in average. Cross Rail is the focus of how the people invest, for some properties near train stations can reach Zone 1 in 15 minutes is very impressive with the price of Manchester. We have projects in Zone 1, 2, 3, and 4. Speak to us today to let us know what you are finding.

倫敦始終是最國際化的城市,也是熱愛生活在繁忙環境中的城市人選擇。 租金收益率平均僅為2-3%。  Cross Rail是大眾如何進行投資的重點,因為曼徹斯特的房價對於鄰近火車站的物業可以在15分鐘內到達一線城區是非常吸引和令人注視。 我們在城市區域1、2、3和4中有項目。今天與我們聯繫,以使我們知道您的明智選擇。

Birmingham rental yield is around 5%, benefit from HS2. It is also a place to include in your porfortlio.

受惠於HS2,伯明翰的租金收益率約為5%。 是一個包含理想投資回報的物業房產。

Manchester rental yield range from 5% to 7%. Close to city centre the yield is lower but capital gain is more obvious. Great Manchester is large geographically, and property price is not decrease from distance to city centre. Some area with very good school network, or live by super soccer stars can be very expensive although they are not really close to the city.

We have many projects in Manchester and Birmingham to consider. We also manage the lease, and furnishing, maintenance of the properties to give you a total solution.

Taxation is simple in UK. Firstly as everywhere buying a property need to pay stamp duty. It is in bucket structure and details can always be check in UK government website which update in October and April every year.

There is no foreigner tax for UK properties as at today. However noise coming up to imply that soon in April 2021. Rental income need to pay income tax. Capital gain tax has tax deductibles every year. Do some planning with us if you plan to buy more than one, we will offer solution to lower your tax to pay.

曼徹斯特的租金收益率為5%至7%。 靠近市中心,收益雖較低,但資本收益卻是更為明顯。 大曼徹斯特地理位置優越,而就近市中心的房價幾乎不會下降。 這些學校網絡優越或者居住超級足球明星的地區,儘管它們並不真正靠近城市,通常都是非常昂貴。

我們在曼徹斯特和伯明翰有許多的項目可作參考及選購。 我們還會提供管理物業的租賃,裝修和維護,為您提供整體解決方案。
英國的徵稅很簡單。 首先購買房產都需要支付印花稅。 詳細信息可以於任何時候查看英國政府網站,它們並會在每年10月和4月更新的。
截至目前,英國的房產沒有徵收外國人稅項,但明年4月開始將增加2%。 不少迴響正正視這一點。 租金收入需要繳納所得稅,資本利得稅每年都有免稅額。 如果您打算添置多個物業,歡迎與我們一起進行詳細規劃,我們將提供解決方案以降低您的應付稅款。