Services 服務

We aim to provide full services from the transaction to help our clients to save costs, and give conveniences. From furnishing, to leasing, legal, mortgage and immigration.

Furnishing, selection of landlord furniture, landlord do want to find trendy, affordable and durable furniture with limited cost to start their rental business. Our package is about 20-30% lower than other companies. Our legal fee is also lower than other providers for about 40%, we have a well coverage legal panel of solicitors. We have our own letting team in UK, and local letting partners in all location that we advise to our clients to reduce the letting agency fee by 50%.

Lower cost, Lower tax, More service, More discount.

Our immigration solutions are also very competitive. We provide tailor made servicing to our client, the low residency requirement and high efficiency of your investment with the result is what we are proud of.