Malaysia : Kular Lumpur 馬來西亞吉隆坡

Malaysia : Kular Lumpur 馬來西亞吉隆坡

Asia is where the economy blooming that you cannot deny. Compare to Europe and US these developed area, the property demand and population growth in Asia cannot be compared.

Malaysia like other emerging market have very high population growth rate, and most of the people are young. Although foreigners can only buy properties of over 1 million Ringgit, while local have various of choices, buying in KL is still very safe investment with high potential of appreciation.

Kular Lumpur is one of Chinese managing region in Malaysia where you can easily find people speak Cantonese, not only Chinese. In Asia, they are the very few countries that can find someone speaking Cantonese so well that surprise you.

The food is non pickable in Malaysia. Hong Kong people are very picky in food but here the variety and delicious level is not less than in Hong Kong. Durian and seafood are yummy and memorable.

Some properties in KL now are leasehold. Some are freehold. Location is the most important, although Malaysian loves driving cars, but traffic jam become an increasing issue in daily living. The ordinary people tends to more rely on public transport in future.

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