Kuala Lumpa is the capital of Malaysia with attractive business environment and is Cantonese speaking for many of the Malaysian Chinese especially in this city.

Among the 10 wealthiest people in Malaysia, 8 of them are Chinese!

Weather is warm and it is private car friendly Asian country. The property market is picking up, and very attractively spacious compare with the ones in Hong Kong, and in a very affordable price.

Most of the properties in Malaysia has gymnasium and swimming pool, and parking.

Foreigner buyers can only buy properties over RM 1,000,000.

Policy is changing. The government has changed the policy recently that new project or land has no more FREEHOLD but leasehold. Residential properties may soon cease to allow to operate as vacation home.

Malaysia My Second Home MM2H Programme:

10 years residency can be applied, and renewable.

Required monthly income; required liquid assets (cash in bank) and the Fixed Deposit to be made after approval

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