London 倫敦

London benefits from recent Stamp duty cut for properties value below 500k GBP for 6 months until 31 March 2021. What does it mean? Currently the stamp duty is 0% for first 125,000, and for the first property within this period of time will be 0% for first GBP 500,000.


London has always been a special case in terms of the property market, however, and estate agent Finlay Brewer, which specialises in prime west London property, finalised seven exchanges during the lockdown period at a total of £7.4 million.

倫敦一直在房地產市場中一個特別的地方,專門從事倫敦西區優質房地產的房地產經紀人Finlay Brewer在鎖定期間完成了7處交易,總金額為740萬英鎊。

This bodes well for the coming weeks and months as restrictions begin to relax and viewings can once again take place following the latest government guidelines, especially given a flurry of activity following The Prime Minister’s speech on the first May bank holiday weekend – early signs of confidence returning to the market.


Royal Wharf E16

Nice river view with swimming pool. This project provides 3,385 homes include townhouses and apartments. With only 12 minutes travel time to Canary Wharf.


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