Westgate House in London benefits from crossrail

有興趣以超荀價格買倫敦的朋友不可以錯過,在地鐵站HangerLane5分鐘步程,受惠於Cross Rail即將建成的交通便捷。價錢只是由30萬磅Studio單位起,其中一個倫敦最大的發展商。首期只是5%,太驚喜了。999年的租賃權。

London project launching with only 5% deposit now, can buy 5 minutes walk distance project, benefit from Cross Rail and developed by 2nd largest developer in London! Excellent Chance

  • 999 year lease
  • 5 minutes to Underground station Hanger Lane (Red line)
  • Hotel style Concierge 24 hours service
  • 310k 470 square feet unit (Price per square feet is @680)
  • Rental yield estimate Gross 1,250 per month, 4.5% p.a. yield after mortgage is 11% p.a. yield


Tel +852 2575 6371

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