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Why US?

Strong US economy has been proven by many economy statistics, property market is steadily going up after the mortgage crisis drama in 2007-2008. Unlike stock market cycle of average 5 years, each property market cycle in general is about 20 years, that is from 2007 to 2027 for next downturn.

Dallas Fort Worth is the highest populated metroplex in Southern US


In 2016, Dallas Fort Worth record population of 7.2 million, larger than 6.8 million, the population of Houston, which have been largest city in Texas for century now taken by Dallas Fort Worth. Have you ever visit Houston and Dallas Fort Worth? Houston is very wide spread, from one place to another need quite long drive. There are quite a lot of industrial plants, hospital and garden area, but since it is quite wide spread, investing in properties in Houston is not as promising in return in Dallas Fort Worth. Living in DFW is more fun than Houston, with lot of hang out places, shopping area which is much walkable, nightlife is more interesting.

DFW is the financial capital of Texas, logistic hub of US, with bio technology, healthcare and medical, operation and administration of many big companies in US, 10% of Fortune 500 companies globally have their headquarter in Texas in which most have main offices in DFW. Lot of job opportunities and the properties there is still very affordable compare with California and New York City these most popular places in US for investment.   The price in average is only 20-25% compare with these big cities, rental yield is higher, growth% per year as well. No wonder why Forbes have selected Dallas as No. 1 Best Buy city in US. Dallas and Fort Worth both are within top 10 in several years.

Let us see how the Forbes, Time magazine and Bloomberg says:

The Forbes: Top 10 Best Buy cities in US (2017 )

Times magazine: Why Texas is our future

Huge demand in Dallas properties

Even at worst years from 2007-2012, Dallas property have only depreciate at most 5% and recovered in 3 months, while in average the property price in US dropped for about 30%. In 2012, while all the property price of US picking up, Texas property increase together with other states. It is a market with low downside risk and high upside potential.

Dallas economy since oil crisis last decade have much diversified. Now only 5% related to oil and energy, other industries include financial, biotechnology, information technology, logistic, and others. Texas is the 2nd richest state in terms of GDP. It is the first state in job creation in last decade, created 1.15 million jobs, the second state New York only create 0.34 million. It is 3.38 times of jobs created.

Tax benefit and low cost of living make Texas very attractive. A 2-storey house in California about 3000 square feet cost about USD 1 million. A 1000 square feet apartment in New York also cost about USD 1 million. A brand new smart home in Dallas Fort Worth only cost USD 0.3 million, about 30% of the price of California and New York. 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 garages, front back yards, club house.

Information from US government census, net migration of population from other states to Texas is 110 thousand each year, while net migration of population in California and New York states is -100 thousand each year.


net migration chart











The green area is



In 2015, Dallas Fort Worth have replaced Houston become the most populated area in Southern US. 

Recently the developer who have 500 million USD portfolio 14 projects under managed in Canada and US, 7 offices worldwide: Toronto, Dallas Fort Worth, Calgary, Singapore, Penang, Manila, Kuala Lumpur.

Investors now can invest in 3 development projects, all within 15 minutes drive from Forth Worth.

  • Strong Economic Growth Support:
    • 20 years economic growth 373%, can you remember how long ago did Hong Kong have this figure of economic growth?
    • Number of job growth in Texas is number one with 1.15 million jobs created, compare with number two New York only have 0.34 million jobs, is more than 3.38 times.

Minimum investment amount is USD 1.15 million, investment period will be 5 years. The freehold land will be 100% owned by investor with full control, this is not a co-own investment. Excellent project location, managed by excellent development team, excellent return, contact us today to know more. Net return of tax and charges can up to 20% p.a.

3 projects to invest in this development plan, all with more than one middle high schools located within the community and closed to working places, are ideal living homes for the local people.

  • The Hills of Windridge
  • The Trails of Fossil Creek
  • Sendera Ranch

Project Location:

Hills of Windridge

The Trails of Fossil Creek

Sendera Ranch (3 years builders award)


All of these are within 15 minutes drive from downtown Fort Worth and closed to Alliance Texas, developed for 25 years, the successful commercial area where 440 companies, including all the Fortune 500 companies have offices there employing more than 44,000 people. Where there have the largest town centre mall in the region with lots of restaurants.


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