Kuala Lumpur TRX service apartment

What is TRX?

TRX is the new financial district planned by Malaysian government like special region, with companies there having tax free benefits for 10 years to attract international banks and financial companies to move and settle there. It is an excellent opportunity to invest in Malaysia’s ICC area with a very affordable price.

Kuala Lumpur is also benefit from The Belt The Road grand plan of China and have signed a lot of trade agreement already.  Besides trains will be connected, highways built, and canals with ship routes are setup to boost the economy of Asia.

Malaysia Ringgit at your benefit?

Malaysia economy is much rely on oil, manufacturing and resources. As mid to long term Malaysia is getting better and better, the currency will strengthen in 3-5 years. Comparatively now is very good entry point.

Malaysia Economy & Population

Malaysian loves making babies, unlike Hong Kong or Japan or other developed countries. They really like making babies. Population growth is significantly faster than many places in Europe or US create huge demand in properties.

The GDP per capita in Malaysia has significant rise year by year in steadily rate. The economy is healthy and with the experience of oil price dropped last year, Malaysian government have pushed the diversification of their economy with other industries.  

Dorsett Residence

Within Golden Triangle, the site is very closed to both MRT station of Bukit Bintang and the new TRX, both in walking distance of 5-10 minutes. Managed by Dorsett hotel group, with a lot of hotels under their management. With their expertise, no matter it is for owner occupied or rental income, will be excellent experience for the end users. As an investment, option of renting out as serviced apartment or hotel is available with higher rental return with promising management.  

The investment creates great value as all renovation and furniture is included, the apartment is in move in status.The project is located in Bukit Bintang the centre of financial district and next to the future focal point TRX Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange. 


Hotel under Management globally: 32 

Hong Kong

  1. Dorsett Kwun Tong Hong Kong
  2. Dorsett Mongkok Hong Kong
  3. Dorsett Tsuen Wan Hong Kong
  4. Lan Kwai Fong Hotel@Kau U Fong
  5. Silka Far East Hong Kong
  6. Silka Seaview Hong Kong
  7. Silka West Kowloon Hong Kong
  8. Silka Tsuen Wan Hong Kong
  9. Cosmo Hotel Hong Kong
  10. Dorsett Wanchai Hong Kong


  1. Dorsett Brisbane
  2. Dorsett Perth
  3. Dorsett Melbourne
  4. Dorsett Gold Coast


  1. Dorsett Grand Chengdu
  2. Dorsett Shanghai
  3. Dorsett Wuhan
  4. Lushan Resort


  • Dorsett Singapore

United Kingdom

  1. Dorsett Shepherds Bush London
  2. Dorsett Shepherds Bush II London
  3. Dorsett City London
  4. Dorsett Alpha Square


  1. Dorsett Grand Labuan
  2. Dorsett Grand Subang
  3. Dorsett Kuala Lumpur
  4. Silka Johor Bahru
  5. Silka Maytower Kuala Lumpur
  6. Silka Cheras
  7. Dorsett Putrajaya
  8. Dorsett Hartamas Kuala Lumpur
  9. Sri Jati Hotel

Swimming pool on roof top with beautiful city view Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 

馬來西亞有馬拉人及華人管區,華人買樓最好在華人區,有什麼事也可以比較好解決。華人區包括Kuala Lumpur吉隆坡,Penang檳城。兩個地方價錢差不多,當然KL市中心價錢會相對比較高。但KL比Penang租務市場好得多。要明白馬來西亞本身大部份人都住在自置物業,本地人供樓的首期很低,所以出租的一定要找Expat或者外國人喜歡住的地方。像市中心,或者交通方便的地點。馬來西亞大部份人都是駕車的,雖然沒有曼谷的塞車,但是近那個地鐵站將會愈來愈重要。TRX將會很像香港的ICC一樣,有股票交易所,還有十年的免稅優惠。相信更多外資公司及金融機構會進駐這裡。TRX和KLCC和隆新高鐵形成新一代的金三角中心位置。
KLCC雙子塔景觀在KL是最值錢的,因為他們覺得很驕傲的,所以有雙子塔的景無論保值或者升值都會看高一線。Infinity Pool無邊際泳池加上豪華裝修傢俬,位置在將來的TRX旁邊,鄰近最繁榮的地鐵站Bukit Bintang同將來的TRX。到KLCC很方便,到新的高鐵站也是!還有集團管理服務式住宅幫你收租升值,租金有5-7%每年。並有MM2H第二家園計劃之便,實在不容錯過。(部份實景拍攝)

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