Every year people vote Australia as one of the most popular place to live. Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, Gold Coast, Perth, Darwin. Australians love the nature and animals, they put every effort to preserve the environment.

Immigration to Australia is never be easy. Skilled immigration visa get harder and harder as the country protect the employment of their people. Investment or Business visa are subdivided into different categories and have their own criterion to meet. The commonest visa category to apply as below:

188A: Business visa

Pre-requisite: Have business running experience of 2-5 years, the longer the higher score, turnover not less than HKD 2.5 million (AUD 500k) for 2 years to apply. Application time takes around 2 years and from TR to PR need another 2 years. Good news is your spouse can help to run the business in Australia and applicant can still remains in Hong Kong. Resident time to get PR is minimum 1 year. Age limitation to apply for this visa is 55. We can deal with application over 55, contact us to know more. English examination IELTS score will be also required for both applicant and spouse, contact us to know more if do not want to take the examination.

Why do I need to consult professionals while I know how to run a business already? Knowing how to run a business does not mean know how to get the PR 888 visa. Immigration has a lot of criterion to meet to get the final pass of the permanent visa. Many companies will only help you to get 188A and many applicants holding 188A cannot reach 888A PR after many years. Besides, running a business can fail as applicants may not familiar with the business environment and market in Australia. Consulting professionals will save your money and time.

188B: Invester visa

Pre-requisite: Own at least AUD 2.25 million net assets for 2 years, including property minus all loans and mortgages. Application time is around 2 years. After approved 188B, applicant need to invest in AUD 1.5 million in Government Bond for 4 years. Moreover, asset of AUD 0.75 million need to move to Australia. These asset have to hold in Australia until get 888B PR visa approved. Reside in Australia only need 1 year at minimum. Spouse cannot help you to fulfil this requirement.

Why you apply through professionals? Save time and time is money. This visa need state nomination and apply through us much save your time. I never heard an applicant can get state nomination by themselves although it is possible. We have licensed legal Migration lawyers to help.

188E Innovative visa

Pre-requisite: English examination IELTS score 6.0, age below 55, have some working experience and/or business experience. This visa need venture capital to invest into your start up company and the company at least need to run for 4 years to obtain 888E PR visa. Application time is around 8-12 months.

No need to mention, it is hard to get venture capital to invest in your startup, you have to compete with not only the startup companies from overseas but locally. Our consultancy service also include see you through the process from 188E to 888E PR visa in 4 years, not only apply for 188E approval.

Reside requirement is 1 years at minimum for the main applicant.

There are very few company in the market can do 188E Innovation visa, we are one of the few. We are the ONLY one company in the market who take care of the visa application from 188E to 888E or 188A to 888A. Most of other companies will finish their task after applying 188 visa and leave the applicants to struggle to pass the criterion to meet 888 visa. We will walk the clients through getting PR.

Our team in Sydney have about 20 professionals, with Professors and legal counsel specialized in immigration law for 30 years, and being business and marketing consultant of over 25 years with lot of connection with Australia local business partners make us a successful team.

We have extremely high successful rate, speak with us to know more. Immigration will only get harder as time passed with age increase and criterion like score of English, minimum asset level or turnover will only increasing but not decreasing with time, so decide as soon as possible. Time opportunity cost is higher than anything. Your children education and future is uncountable valuable.

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