Australia: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney 澳洲墨爾本、布里斯本、雪梨

Australia: Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney 澳洲墨爾本、布里斯本、雪梨

Buying properties in Australia brow up your mind. With an affordable price you can buy a house with freehold of land. Apartment with amenities like swimming pools and gymnasium is also a popular choice.

Australia is the hot spot for people to travel and live, work, study, with people from all over the world. However it is a large country, population only one third of UK, so the demand of property in general is smaller.

Buying properties in Australia will focus in location and purpose, the price is not going to rise like rocket high but it is still very attractive to own in your portfolio.

Tax for foreigner including higher stamp duty, which is different from states. with FIRB, it is roughly over 15%. Australian government try to discourage non-resident invest in their property market to affect the daily living of the residents which is protective and thoughtful.

Property tax is a tax that need to pay no matter you have or have not rent the property out.

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